Moving Averages #2

Checkout this wizardry. It’s possible to display MAs from higher time frames (TF) on your lower TF charts. The 60 minute chart below is showing the 9 Daily Exponential Moving Average (9 DEMA). How is this possible?

It’s possible thanks to a special indicator available on TradingView:

It’s extremely useful to see higher TF MAs on lower TF Intraday charts because price will often react exactly or near exactly to these MAs. I’ve put some arrows on the above chart to show some of the times that the price reacted exactly or near exactly to the 9 DEMA.

As an example of how to configure a TradingView indicator I’ve included my settings for this indicator below:

Click the format button:

Dial in these settings on the Inputs tab:

Dial in these settings on the Style tab: